Public Art Plan
Public Art Plan

Elgin’s Public Art Plan  -  Did you Know - Just the Facts
*Note: CAC=Cultural Arts Commission  |  PAP=Public Art Plan

Did you know that the Elgin Cultural Arts Commission has been spearheading a new comprehensive Public Art Plan since July 2016? Here are some of the facts:

Goals of the city of Elgin’s Public Art Plan:

1) Provide a fully realized Public Art Plan to the City Council for approval

Plan goals include:
  • Commissioning of new artwork each year, seeking the highest level of creative excellence
  • Continual search for outside funding sources and grants
  • Create policies regarding the solicitation, implementation, and maintenance of public art
  • Manage the current and expanding collection of artwork
  • Stimulate public awareness of and conversations about public art in general
  • Establish partnerships with other city departments and local businesses, not-for-profits, and educational institutions.
  • Establish roles and responsibilities for the implementation and continuation of the Public Art Plan.

2) Provide guidance and recommendation on the Public Art Plan to City Council.

What is Elgin’s definition of Public Art?
Public Art: Art in any visual media that has been planned and executed with the intention of being staged in physical public domain, usually outside and accessible to all.

Did you know that the Elgin Cultural Arts Commissioners and their one part-time staff liaison are putting this plan together?
Most communities who undertake a plan of this size have at least 2 full-time employees, a team of consultants, a 2-year timetable, and upwards of $100,000 to complete their plan.

Did you know that the Elgin Cultural Arts Commission is on track to complete their Public Art Plan for presenting to City Council by spring, 2017, as well as keeping within their budge of $6,500?
Now you do.

Did you know that city employees from 5 different departments are involved in the process of creating the PAP?
That’s a lot of communication and time!

Did you know that the PAP will change city code and be adopted into policy by City Council?
Pretty cool, huh?

Did you know that the CAC has already begun scoping out places for the first round of newly commissioned public art?
The goal is to begin in The Centre’s parking deck on the first floor for the mural, and to place a sculptur2e on one of the already existing pedestals in Festival Park.

Did you know that the Elgin CAC has already held one of two Public Art Plan Forums?
The first one was held in September 2016 to inform the public of the process and to gather their comments and concerns.

Did you know that there will be a second Public Art Plan Forum held in early 2017?
Come and see the progress and give your input. Stay tuned for the date.

Want to catch up on what's been discussed? Check out the presentations:

NEW: Check out the Draft Public Art Plan (presented to City Council June 2017)