Property Maintenance Board of Appeals
  • 5:00 p.m.
  • First Tuesday of each month
  • City Hall, First Floor Conference Room, North Wing

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The Property Maintenance Board of Appeals consists of seven members appointed by the Mayor, and the City Council for five year terms or until a successor is appointed. Members shall include:
  • One member who is a registered architect or builder
  • One member with structural engineering or architectural experience
  • One member with mechanical or plumbing engineering experience
  • One member with electrical engineering experience or an electrical contractor
  • One member with fire protection engineering experience or a fire protection contractor

Two individuals on the board shall be members at-large.

For information about being considered for a position on this commission please email the city clerk's office or call the city clerk's office at 847-931-5660.

Powers & Duties
Powers and duties include:
  • Hearing appeals based on claims that the true intent of the code or rules adopted there under have been incorrectly interpreted or that the provisions of the code do not fully apply to a specified circumstance.

Property Maintenance Board of Appeals Meeting Agenda & Minutes